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We didn't become number one by trying to become number one. Doing what's best for our members drives everything we do. And as it turns out, a lot of people really like earning more when they save and paying less when they borrow.

LMCU is fundamentally different from a bank. As a member-owned credit union, we don’t have shareholders to impress. We have a mission: to do what’s best for you. That includes lower interest rates when you borrow, higher interest rates when you save, and the kind of friendly service you’d expect from family.

Personal Banking

From checking and savings accounts that pay higher rates to credit cards that charge less, your money does more when you bank with us. And you can do it all online or on your mobile device. Bank anywhere, anytime with our mobile app, loaded with tools, features and functionality. It’s the power of a branch, right there in your pocket.

3% Max Checking pays you nearly $450 extra every year-earning 3.00% APY** on balances of up to $15,000. We'll also refund up to $10/month*** in surcharge fees if you use an ATM outside of our 55,000-plus network of ATMs.


Health Savings Account

With one of the highest tiered interest rate yields in the country, LMCU's HSA is free to establish and has no monthly, maintenance or transaction fees and no minimum balance required.

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At Lake Michigan Insurance Agency, we’re committed to looking out for you and your family.  Our experts will put their 20+ years of experience to work for you – to make sure you get the highest quality coverage at the lowest possible rate.  We partner with the top providers in the country so that you don’t have a worry in the world.



We know every home purchase has two sides. The logical: How much is the down payment? How much are the monthly payments? And the emotional: does it feel like home? Can you see your kids growing up here? Can you see yourselves growing old here? At Lake Michigan Credit Union, we care about both sides.

We offer low rates, with as little as 3% down and $150 off closing costs, for the roof over your head. And warm, friendly service for the roof over your heart.

Financial Education

Make sense out of your dollars with LMCU’s Wallet Wisdom program. Our free financial library is full of interactive learning tools that help translate financial jargon into plain English. Our valuable tools and resources will help you gain financial confidence and make informed financial decisions. All in one place. All for free.

  • Discover how to manage your budget
  • Learn how to use your home’s equity to payoff high-interest debts like credit cards or student loans
  • Learn the difference between adjustable rate mortgages versus fixed rate mortgage
  • Make sense out of planning for retirement or saving for your kid’s college
  • And much more!

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LMCU provides a full range of financial services and product options, from high interest-bearing checking accounts to personal loans, mortgages, and commercial banking. Contact us today earn more interest, more returns, and more rewards with Lake Michigan Credit Union.

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*November 2019. MONEY **APY=Annual percentage yield. This APY is accurate as of 2/22/2021. Rates on variable accounts may change after the account is open. $5 membership required. No minimum balance required. Interest not paid on balances over $15,000. Fees may reduce earnings. Some requirements apply.***$10 as of June 1, 2019.

Insurance: Lake Michigan Insurance Agency is owned by Lake Michigan Credit Union. The information contained herein is provided solely for general informational purposes and is not intended to be a contract, a solicitation or an offer to sell in connection with any product or service, nor is the information a complete description of all terms, conditions and exclusions applicable to the products and services described.