Share your story.

We know our members are exceptional. Getting to know you and helping you achieve your goals is the best part of what we do here at LMCU. We want to share your experiences and accomplishments!

Tell your story

This is your opportunity to tell your story.

Use the link below to share a time when LMCU came through for you or helped you do something amazing. You and your story may be selected as a feature in one of our upcoming marketing campaigns.

Tell your story

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Member story postcard

How it works

If you’re selected, you’ll be invited to our Grand Rapids studio for a photo and video shoot. We’ll spotlight your story across social media, online video, and maybe even a billboard or two.


When will I know if I’ve been selected?

After we review your submission, we will send you an email or call you if you are selected. If you do not hear back from us soon, don’t worry – you may still be selected in the future to have your story featured.

How much of a time commitment is this?

In-studio shoots will typically take two to three hours. On-location or in-home shoots can take a little longer, around four to five hours. We may do one studio shoot, one in-home shoot, or both, depending on your story and the time you can commit. We are flexible and can work around your schedule to find a time that works for you.

If we do a shoot in my home, what can I expect?

We will respect which areas of your home you are comfortable with us shooting in. We will bring in equipment and lighting, and any furniture we may need to move in order to set up we will put back as it was when we’re done with the shoot.

Will I be required to travel?

Our studio is located at our corporate headquarters in Grand Rapids. You will be required to travel there for your shoot unless we do your shoot at a different location or your home. If you require local travel accommodations, we can work with you to get it sorted.

Do I bring my own outfit and makeup?

We will give you some direction on what to bring with you or have ready for your shoot. We usually ask that that you have a couple different outfits, so we have options to work with. We will have a makeup specialist in the studio who will take care of makeup, but feel free to bring your own if desired.

Do I need to have a script ready or know what I’m going to say ahead of time?

One of our directors will get in contact with you ahead of time to hear your story and help you form a general outline of what you’ll be doing and saying during the shoot. There is no need to have something written down or prepare anything specific. When you come in for the shoot, we will work with you to get you comfortable sharing your story and being in front of the camera.

Will I get to see the ads I am in before they go public?

We will not be able to show you the ads or assets we create before they are published. However, if there is anything you feel uncomfortable with us using, please let us know during the shoot and we will do everything we can to honor that request.

What personal information will be used?

We typically only share your first name and the first letter of your last name, along with the fact that you are an LMCU member. Depending on your story we may need you to share other details, such as which products and services you use.